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Needle roller bearing column and spindle supports.

Made or bought steering wheel.

Roller chain reduction to main steering arm - reduces effort to turn and lessens back loading through to column.
Screwed bar connecting rods with ball & socket joints.

tractor steering mechanism

Note: The complete drawing set for the Yard Tractor is available from our Plans Order page here.

Steel steering column braced to chassis.


The yard tractor's steering mechanism uses a single stage roller chain reduction to provide a comfortable ratio between steering wheel turns and front wheel direction. One full turn of the steering wheel takes the front wheels from full lock to full lock. This allows single hand steering over the full range. This gearing together with the tilted king pin arrangement on the front wheel supports makes for an easy to turn tractor design. Robust 3/8" pitch (#35) roller chain is used and the column and steering arm sprocket/spindle are mounted on needle roller bearings. The steering and track rods are from threaded steel bar fitted with ball and socket joints to allow free movement over the full steering range and the means for wheel alignment.

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