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1000W Electric Voiturette - Rear Beam Axle Assy       (Main Home Page)

Panhard Link

Assembly Sheet

Parts Sheet - paid-for only

Beam Axle

Assembly Sheet

Parts Sheet - paid-for only

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Electric Drive Motors and Roller Chain Transmission

Assembly Sheet 1 2

Parts Sheet - paid-for only

(Also covers Rear Wheel mods)

The assembly is made from the timber beam axle, rear wheels, suspension springs and the electric motor drive.



Rear Wheels - 26" heavy duty spoked bicycle type wheels with pneumatic tubes and wide tyres for appearance. The wheels suggested include 3/4" roller bearings for a fixed through-shaft and hub flanges suitable for mounting the final roller chain drive sprocket.

Beam Axle - Wooden structure to support the wheels. The vehicle loads are passed down through the suspension springs almost directly into the wheel supports and the beam axle itself sees very little bending loading. It is however sideways and torsionally loaded when the voiturette turns or drives.

Panhard Link - Provides effective lateral location of the beam axle over its range of suspension movement.

Suspension Components - Coil compression springs. These are the same specs as the front coil springs but are doubled up to carry the bigger loads. They can be supplemented with smaller internal springs to allow some ride tuning for heavier riders.

Electric Drive Motors - 2 24v 500W DC drive motors commonly available as electric scooter spares. These drive through a 2 stage roller chain transmission to each rear wheel independently. The transmission is quiet and efficient and the arrangement allows effective differential wheel speed for vehicle turning.

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